My mom is a hoarder, any med for it or therapy?

Today i gatheted minimum 240 litres of garbage from our small kitchen. She lets stay rotten food as doesnt throw away empty bottles or packages. She even hoards plastic bags, as i am against them and have to constatly collect and bin them ( we agreed to use reusable bags). How do approach to her to talk about? She gets stressed while i start to clean and sometimes out of embarassment starts cleaning together. Any meds for hoarding and therapy? She has mild hoarding, sometimes pick up from a trash bin what i cobsider a trash, like an empty jar or a plastic cookie tray. Any recommendations or suggestions?

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Get her to a psychiatrist, and let them help her.

I hoard electronics, cables, gadgets etc Our cabin and my room are full of these.

Yeah, she needs professional help.

She probably needs therapy.

This is just from a kitchen, she also hoards house plants and she hoards canned food that she makes (our fridge is half full) as she doesnt consume canned food

Sounds OCD related. There are some supplements that might help, like NAC and Inosotol, but some behavioral theraphy is probably also needed. It’s hard to break out of habits.

Update: this morning my mom went through trash and picked out canned muahrooms that lids are getting rust. She in 4 months hasnt opened a single of them. At least she is puttūng them in a cellar. But im afraid the cellar gets so crowded, which already is

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