My goal for meds in 2 years time

My doc decided to take me off seroquel due to metabolic issues. I am doing this VERY slowly - like over 40 weeks. When I am off it we are planning to add latuda. I am still on depixol depot which I enjoy. Part of me just wants to increase the depixol rather than adding latuda. Either way the slow pace I am doing things means I have time to make up my mind.

After the APs are taken care of I want to come off pregabalin. This will be very hard I expect cos I suspect I am semi hooked on it. I take 200mg a day. I propose to reduce this by 25mg every 4 weeks so 32 weeks to come off that.

I realise it looks a bit lame to reduce meds so slowly but I know from bitter experience these meds are hard to come off.

So ideally in two years time I would like to be on depixol depot and Prozac only. That is my aim.


It’s not lame. It’s extremely sensible and you seem to have everything covered

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Talk it over with your doctor and see what they say.

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Totally. Not going to change the pregabalin whilst reducing seroquel so is a while off.

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