My father is going blind in one eye

My father is going blind in his right eye.
He has Glaucoma and it has progressed considerably in that eye.

Right now he is partially blind.

He sees well with his left eye at least.

There’s a good chance that the blindness will worsen.

He’s 88 years old.


I’m sorry, @Wave.

I hate that he’s going blind in one eye, but at least he sees well out of his left.

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Yeah I’m kind of sad about it.
Thanks @Charles_Foster

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Sorry wave, that must be stressful.

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Yes it is @everhopeful

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Oh man. I’m sorry. How is he adjusting to it? Is he freaked out?

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I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything that can be done for glaucoma?

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No he’s not freaked out by it @ZmaGal, he’s handling it surprisingly well.

No once the blindness appears it’s not reversible the damage is done. @SpringRose

There’s special eye drops that he takes everyday to prevent further damage.

I get my eyes checked out every year or so because Glaucoma is hereditary.

I’m scared of getting it.

Thanks guys


I’m so glad. It’s a very hard thing to deal with I’m sure.

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Thanks @ZmaGal 1515

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