My family is so good to me i am lucky

they are being so understanding and kind to me. they are really special people.

I can’t imagine where i’d be without them and their support.

I must admit I worked hard at getting this close to them. in a way I earned it.

it makes the relationship with them so much richer… because I continue to work for it… judy


Why Would One Within a “caring” Family Have to “work for it” (???) ,

Lyke What Does That Evn Mean (???)

I try to help in return with what their needs are… helping with the kids, helping with our mom, patience with their issues even when mine are pressing down on me etc.


Yeah but if One “cares” It Would hardly Be Considered “working” … ,

( OR ) As You Say in Your Own Way , Working For L.O.V.E. … ,

e(Y)e Dunno , My Family Kinda Left Me Out In Tha Freezing Cold …

In Honour of Your Phrase … ,


*** ( No Offense Intended ) - ( No Offense Intended ) ***

I see, you have been mature and understanding to your family. You deserve good family relationships, judy.

he is “Conditioned” as me you and most of us.

He wont understand what you are trying to tell him and so do others when I try telling them.

Family is a cruel burden on Humanity.

Let me repeat my own powerful sentence

Family is a cruel burden on Humanity.

I suggest leave him alone and not argue.

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Tha Nerve of Thus Guy , e(Y)e Swear …

Friend - i continue to be abused day in and day out. Im struggling with my delusion but if I react - I goto the Hospital (This time for good). Sometime ignorance IS bliss

Thank you for your advice. I’ll follow it.

Trust Thus Sentence Before Your Very Un-Understanding Eye’s … ,

e(Y)e Use That Phrase Every Second of My Lyfe … ,


I mean showing to others that you are “Ignorant” to satisfy their “False Self” of parents and wait till they hit their grave cause one day they will (hit their grave)

Perhaps You Should Call Tha Mental Help-Line … ,

You Talkin To Ya’self Yo Yo …

Was telling you

Same here. I had no idea before just how special and important it is to have a family.

I see many times that you’ve attacked me. Dont understand the reason for the “anger” - (if thats a bit too strong im sorry) towards me?

Dude e(Y)e Don’t Know You ( OR ) About You and Whatevah and Such … ,

Jus Trying to Respond With Weirdoness to Keep From Taking Shazz too Seriously … ,

Either Way , Have a Grizate Dai …