My ex is pretending to be sz

I think he feels bad about calling me a retard and my two.children and aborting three unborn children because he is embarrassed of us me and the two kids one being his who is mentally retarded so now he is pretending to be mentally retard to take advantage of my.mental retardation.

He and his new girlfriend are mean to us. Good luck to them, Im happy he found someone retarded so they can be proud together and rich.and perfect. We would not want to embarrass them and their money nor do we want that money near us, too many germs.

Were not retarded…we have Sz…I know you don’t mean anything by it…but your wording is harmful to your self confidence…were Sz and proud…hold your head up the days can be brighter…


Heck yeah, you are a sweet non abusive person thanks for being supportive and listening. Its refreshing to meet someone who is not judgemental and makes me feel confident. Its be a while.

His mother is also a bad person, shes evil and tried to abort a.forth baby because shes too rich to be seen with a mentally retarded grandson or daughter.

My unborn baby I hear his thoughts he hates already and his grandma his rich.dads mom too. He says they can take their money away from us we do not like solicitors.

Get away from our house we do not want any!

@JadeyJade. Please stop using the term retarded. It’s offensive.

Are you seeing a pdoc? You seem to be getting more symptomatic and it’s really important that you take care of yourself, especially since you’re pregnant.


What part of NO SOLICITORS do you not understand!

Doctor on the 23rd Thx!!!

I enjoy talking to myself. Pls do not take that away from me. I have that right. I was talking abput how someone abused me and you.can.tell it made me worse. So thank you and sry i got called that and unusually

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My ADHD makes me a unique sz.

I had a horrible seizure last night, and i can not remember anything. Lol.

Well I hope you’ll find this forum to be helpful.

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