My decaffeinated coffee pods arrived

I’ve had 2 real coffee pods and 2 decaffeinated pods already today.

Hopefully this will help me get my coffee consumption under control.


Good news! Only decaf coffee after 6PM or later. All the best.

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How do you compare the taste between the two?

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The taste is identical. Plus it fulfils my habit of having one every so often.

I’m optimistic this will help me drastically cut down on caffeine.


Sounds good!
Good luck @everhopeful!

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I think i must try decaffeinated coffee aswell…


The coffee we drink here is half-caf, with reduced caffeine. I drink that in the morning and i have some decaf for when i drink coffee later in the day. I don’t mind the decaf, it really doesn’t taste any different to me. Hope the decaf helps you cut back, man.

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Decaf is a good way to transition, I drink it after 4 PM to avoid a caffeine-triggered insomnia.

I’m kind of addicted to caffeine too, but only because it helps me feel normal due to a low-CSF pressure headache. It increases CSF pressure.

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What is motivating you to cut down on caffeine?

I drink so much of it that it affects my mental state and makes me more symptomatic. I also drink so much of it I get pains in my internal organs.

But I’m completely addicted to (obviously)

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Oh ok. I am rooting for you! I hope you can drink less!

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I can relate to you on this, at one point I was drinking 6+ cups a day and getting the symptoms you mentioned. What helped me was getting hospitalised in a ward where there was only decaf coffee and no cigarettes allowed so I had to quit.

Now days I still drink coffee but not much at all, I only have either 1 coffee or one energy drink in the morning before work as I have to be up early and on the days I don’t work I sometimes have none.

Anyway goodluck!

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