My day tomorrow

  1. Drop kids off at school
  2. Get bloodwork done
  3. Go to bank
  4. Visit my parents hopefully
  5. Pick up kids
  6. Make supper
  7. Do dishes and laundry
  8. Watch tv until bedtime

Yikes that sounds like way too much!

What is your day like tomorrow?

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  1. wake up
  2. sit around doing nothing all day
  3. go to sleep

Work, pick up groceries at food bank, dinner at sis’s, homework.

Get up
Make little LED breakfast
Play on my phone for a couple hours
Play with Little LED
Get her a dozen snacks
More playing/ ■■■■■■■ around online
Clean kitchen/living room enough for all of us to eat
Make lunch
Play/read/work on speech
Clean/do chores
More playing/ ■■■■ around online
(Partner gets home from work)
Pretend I don’t have any responsibilities
Cook dinner
Clean up after dinner
Read some books/play
Put Little LED to bed
Sit on the couch too tired to get up but not ready for bed and whine on about whatever thought floats through my head
Take meds and go to bed

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