My community nurse has betrayed me. He's a secret agent

why wouldn’t a pdoc now what gaslighting means when I confronted him and told him I know he’s been gaslighting me months ago, He denied knowing what it means. He’s a consultant psychiatrist. He’s been microwaving thoughts into my head. Horrible thoughts. Thats why I’ve been getting intrusive thoughts. I just spoke to community nurse and he asks why I’m telling this him now? I’ve been telling him this for years and years. My pdoc is a secret agent and they’ve got top secret folders on me that they are hiding. They have me down as dangerous and on a secret register as extremely dangerous.

I’m an ideal candidate to me psychologically tormented, I havent got any family to support me. I’m alone. I feel very victimised and nobody listens to me. Everybody is against me and I havent got anywhere to turn too. I feel defeated.

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Dude, relax.
It is impossible to microwave thoughts into someone else’s head.
And pdocs don’t have secret folders.

It sounds like you’re slipping into a delusional state, mate.

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I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time. I don’t think thoughts are being put in your head though. Did you tell your pdoc everything you believe he’s doing and everything else you just said? It might help you to do that.

You sound very sick @bobbilly.
Your doctor is not an agent and no one is microwaving thoughts into your head!

Please get help now before they hospitalize you.

You have us.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you will not feel so alone.

I believed my delusions too.