My birthday soon


Should i wish to be a Pro Paid Gamer With Games im dedicated to… Or wish to Cure my illness…?:smiley:


Was up my aussie friend… may u have a good health…!!!


I neglected my birthday this year because at that time I was far from my home and was taking care of my mom who lived temporarily in the hospitals in Shanghai. Nobody noticed that the day was my birthday when 26th May arrived. But I feel good about skipping my birthday that way. I don’t want to attract attentions even from my family.


@green5. Happy Belated Birthday. It’s great that you were taking care of your mom. :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy birthday!!!


What’s your gamer name at @gamter. Happy Birthday.


Happy birthday.

I usually kick the can down the road and wish to live another year.


Happy belated birthday @green5!


happy belated birthday wish u the best


:tada::birthday: happy belated birthday!! My 50th birthday was spent in the hospital but some family came to break me out for.awile.

Go for being a gamer
We are stuck with this illness so live it up


Happy birthday!



Happy birthday! Wish for a cure, there’s more to life than gaming!


Thank you for your birthday wishes, @Wave @Moonbeam


happy birthday :heart: :cake:


How about a slab of pork ribs?


Wish for a fish that grants wishes!

Happy birthday


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