My beat just got on the featured list of a marketplace!

I honestly love this, its the most fun way Ive ever made money lol

Its an arab guitar beat, check it out! Gonna turn a version of this into a song so if youre liking this stay tuned!


Well done you! Sounds like some decent progress and that is sweet!

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That’s a cool instrumental! :ok_hand:

I listened to a few other songs on your SoundCloud, your really talented :grin:

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this is a gorgeous instrumental!

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Thanks @Toshiko! Sorry I didnt get back to your email, been super busy. Id love to turn your lyrics into a song, but Im just not feeling good about my voice right now, I need to improve. I have it saved and ready to go when I get better though!

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Hope you’re okay.

No worries - no hurry :slight_smile:

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