Music you listened to ages 0-10

For me

Talking Heads
Norah Jones
Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Buffett.
Elton John

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Spice Girls
Alanis Morissette
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Some portuguese bands

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Garth Brooks
Ray Steven
Mannheim Orchestra
… probably more but I wasn’t in control back then

“Eric the awful, the brutal and tarnacious, eric the awful shows up in the darndest places… you have to sleep with your sneakers by your si—iii—iii—iide.”

my dad’s music more or less… he was always driving… haha he eventually moved onto uhh… what was it… moulon rouge… and shaggy “Wasn’t me.”

You had good taste in music as a youngster.

comedic cover

The Beatles
Joe Cocker
Jethro Tull
Jimmy Hendrix
Janis Joplin
I was force fed a lot of hard rock by my older brother.

new kids on the block
Whitney Houston
Miriah Carey

Wow! You guys seem pretty advanced with some of the music you listened to. I don’t remember that I listened to music at that age (maybe I did). Here are two songs I do remember though. LOL!


metallica and nirvana probably, cant really remember, cause back then music didnt appeal to me.

My father’s records - I particularly liked Sing Along with Bing, because I liked to sing with it. Marty Robbins + Jim Reeves.

There was a stack of 45’s someone gave me - Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill, Some Elvis - gave all of those to my cousin. 16 tons, Mona Lisa, ah - Hobo Bill’s Last Ride - I liked ‘songs’ Still do.

Saturday nights in the car with my family he Grand Ole Opry always playing.

Some old yellow records go way back - Old Mcdonald, Marsidotes. I identified them by what the labels looked like. My favorite one had a torn patch on the label. Don’t remember what it was.

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I listened to a mix of the chart hits on a Sunday and my parents records- Herb Alpert and tijuana brass, Seekers, Supremes at the Copabana, My fair lady, West side story.
My parents, or more so my dad, were not big on music.
It wasn’t until I was13 when I started getting my own singles then albums.

Carole King
Elton John
Simon & Garkunkel

I could only listen to what my parents listened to.

That meant very long road trips listening to nothing but Enya.

I’m sure that did some mental damage right there all by itself. :sweat_smile:

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Twisted sisters
Mötley Crüe
Guns n Roses

I forgot Queen.

I used to tune in Radio Amsterdam to hear rock music. Swedish radio just played pop music.

Ahaha! My little brother used to love watching Speed Racer. I hated the Speed Racer theme song back then—still do now come to think of it. :frowning:


I didn’t listen to music when I was under 10 years old.

I played outside all day!

^^^A novel concept…

When I was young, I walked to school 5 miles uphill both ways. Oh, and I also played outside.:laughing:

I’m 50 years old, @Moonbeam

Never heard of a Walkman when I was under 10.

I’m so old, rainbows were in black and white when I was a kid! :wink:


I’m in the same age demographic as you…50-ish :wink:

Did they have walkmans 40 yrs ago? I can’t remember when those came out. I still remember the old style turn tables—my older sister wouldn’t let me use her stereo system because she was afraid I’d scratch her record albums.

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