Movie “MA” Possible trigger warning

Going to see this movie with my cousin tomorrow night.

Looks pretty spooky. :lizard::lizard::lizard:

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My wife made me watch the trailer of that the other day. She wants to see it but she won’t go to the movies.

Hasn’t been to a movie since 1995. There was a theater there in Pensacola you could smoke in and order dinner from. Places like that are long gone. She can’t go twenty minutes without a smoke.

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Lol. Ain’t no way I’m ever watching that !

It looks like it’s not scary at all. Is it supposed to be scary?

@ZmaGal More creepy about the stuff she does to the teens she lets party in her basement

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I see the creep factor. I just thought it was going to be scary.

I hope she can stop smoking one day!

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I wonder if that actress got this because of The Shape of Water… that was a real urban legend of a movie!

@agent101g I haven’t seen it. Any good?

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It’s good, but I don’t think it deserved Best Picture. It’s a weird hybrid between romance and horror movie. It’s got an actor in it I absolutely love, he played Nathaniel Fischer Sr. on the old HBO series Six Feet Under. I’d recommend it if you’re into urban legends. Very artsy. Doesn’t quite have the creep factor that Ma does though.

@agent101g you think it’s on Netflix

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No, I checked and it’s not on Netflix. Pan’s Labyrinth is on there though, it’s a creepy Spanish fairytale with horror elements. It’s subtitled in English and it’s really awesome!

@agent101g I’ll have to check them out.

Oh mY gOSh tHiS triGGered Me!

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Yeah I had to stop watching the Saw movies for about a year, Schizophrenia be a harsh mistress!

I want to see this movie.

Great movie. There really isn’t a trigger warning. Creepy but not the whole movie

Is MA on Hulu? 15151515

No. It just came out in movie theaters. :frog::frog::frog: