Mountain-Cultivated Ginseng Attenuates Phencyclidine-Induced Abnormal Behaviors in Mice by Positive Modulation of Glutathione in the Prefrontal Cortex of Mice

This seems interesting - I hope they can repeat it in humans.

Escalating evidence indicates that ginseng treatment protects against psychotoxic behaviors and memory impairment. Although the underlying mechanism of schizophrenia remains elusive, recent investigations proposed that downregulation of glutathione (GSH) can be involved in the pathogenesis of this disorder. Since little is known about the effects of ginseng in a schizophrenia-like animal model, we selected mountain-cultivated ginseng (MG) from a variety of ginseng extracts to investigate the effect of ginseng on the psychosis induced by phencyclidine (PCP) in mice.


mountain-cultivated ginseng significantly attenuated abnormal behaviors and the decreases in GSH/GSSG ratio and GPx activity induced by PCP. mountain-cultivated ginseng attenuated the increases in Nrf2 activity and GCL expression caused by PCP.

The protective potentials of MG were comparable to those of clozapine. MG ameliorates PCP-induced schizophrenia-like psychosis in mice through the positive modulation of the glutathione system.


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and then I see this and I wonder if this line of research is likely to be negative:

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Ginseng if taken long term affects your hormones and so it’s not advised to take it long term.

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