Motor Abilities

Have any of you noticed a decline not so much in higher level cognitive abilities but in very basic motor skills? Like not being able to move about so smoothly as before? And not because you do not feel motivated to do these things but that the very ability seems to have declined? I used to notice bumping into things more often but that seemed to have restored. Stuff like that, maybe stuff like tying your shoelaces, using utensils etc.

I can’t say I’ve noticed a decline. My fine motor skills and also gross motor skills(to some extent) have always been relatively poor.

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I’ve noticed a decline in my balance and …grace? Not sure what else to call it. I’m just more clumsy than I’ve ever been. I always sort of attributed it to my RA, but I honestly don’t know what is causing it. Fine motor skills are more of a task than they used to be, but again, I always just sort of attributed it to my RA even though it’s not progressed enough to really cause it yet. Not sure if that’s helpful at all.

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My stride in walking has turned more awkward. I’m already very tall, but I used to have some grace in it.

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May I ask what’s the difference between fine motor skills and gross motor skills?

Picking something up with your toes (fine motor) vs kicking a ball(gross motor). Fine motor skills require more small movements and skills whereas gross motor skills are easier and don’t require as much intricate ability.

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I haven’t noticed any decline. I’ve had issues with my motor skills for as long as I can remember. I move slower than normal people to compensate (so I don’t hurt myself that bad when I bump into things).

Yeah, I notice a decline. I used to be confident and gracious walking, now I’m more careful and worried I think.

Nope. I haven’t noticed a decline.

I am wondering whether people are not noticing a decline because their motor skills were at quite a low level anyway from early on(childhood?) and just haven’t worsened from that position.