Mood so rude song

I haven’t been inspired much lately but I think this came out good


Nice dude! There are some really fire bars in there

What mic do you use?

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Thanks @zwolfgang

I use a broadcast microphone called a heil pr-40 it’s a high quality microphone, but not exactly meant for music but I’ve liked it over every other mic I’ve tried. Wbu??

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Damn very nice man just looked it up. I use the ol standard AT2020, used to use a Blue Yeti but I upgraded recently

Btw would you be down to collab on a track I made? Lmk if youre down or not, no obligation

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Yeah definitely send me a pm.

I used to have the grey yeti and then I got the heil

I also had a rode nt1a but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be

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Oh man I’m glad you said that, that rode was top of the list for me but in the end was too expensive so I got the AT2020. I thought I was missing out

Btw cant send you a pm on here, says your profile is hidden

To the people wondering I brought down the link for some mixing reasons. It sounds so much better now with the first verse turned up.

Edit looks like I can’t link it o well

When I first read the title of this thread i thought it read mod so rude song. I was thinking this is gonna get flagged maybe even suspended.

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Can you repost for me? I can’t play it

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Try this link

Its the first one if it asks

I’m really proud of this one actually and me and zwolfgang are working on another track 2gether which I think will be dope too :ok_hand:


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