Mom says no roommate for me,


she doesn’t think i’ll get along with them. probably right, a friend I could room with I think though. I cohabitated with people before, in college and then a year after when I moved back.

but it’s a little different now. I prefer being alone, except at nights. I have the forum and baseball season and gardening to occupy myself so I don’t get lonely. and mom and dad are right across the street.

anyways, I would think they would want me to get a roommate so they would be getting more rental income but they’re not pushing it on me, so i’ll live by myself in my little bachelor pad for now.



That’s cool that you are able to live on your own and gain some independence



That’s great that your parents helped you get your own place. And they’re nearby if you need them.

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Yeah, it’s hard to kick someone out if they’ve signed a lease. Not worth the risk of a bad situation

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Looking to be independent someday and live by myself, maybe get a cat or dog

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@sea00115699 yeah im getting used to it

@Pianogal my parents are great. a little conservative but they always
express their love for me and help me out all the time

@Moonwalker yeah maybe it’s just the paranoia but I think it’s not worth the risk, too many messy situations. maybe someday i’ll find someone, it would be relatively affordable like $400/mo furnished, but they would basically have to either work at the casino or commute to the city.

@see121 yeah I entertained the thought of getting a cat. but decided I didn’t want to risk having one spray and im not thrilled to clean the litter box and I wouldn’t be able to take trips unless I found someone to watch it.



It sounds like a sweet setup you’ve got. Help just a short ways away and your own personal space to play up in. I wouldn’t see the need if you don’t need to. If your not in a relationship then sharing with others can come unstuck sometimes as personal habits can get in the road of a decent share house. You’d be surprised by the things that can annoy you.

I’d say your in a good situation and if you need company do some volunteering or join a club or something!

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I had roommates for a decade in the past which were my high school buddies. You eventually find things you resent about them and yourself. I’ve been on my own for two plus years and l can’t imagine sharing a place again. I would if I had to but now that I got a taste of independence I just love it.

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And best of all if you bring a guy/girl home you got the place all to yourself


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