Mom is watching ancient aliens and i am freaking out

ancient alien site

almost reminds me of when i was a small child and “nightmare on elm st”. series would come on tv… she had to take me into the middle room and cover my ears with both her hands, as i would continue to wail like a scared dog howling through the night


love Friday the 13th 3, has Laurence fishburne in it and stuff.

I mean nightmare on elm st lol…

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lol! he is sex- i mean awesome! but dang, i mean, that crap really freaks me out. specially now with all the sht i have been through…


btw, no “pun” intended. you are awesome, ya know?

Oh my gosh I just went through that a few weeks ago! Scared the ■■■■ out of me! Someone shared a video that debunked the entire series, along with citations and sources. Look here

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For me it was the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz. I ran in the kitchen for protection + my mother shushed me like I was being silly. But II was scared,

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Those flying monkeys were pretty scary to me.

I still to this day can’t watch Courage the Cowardly Dog without peeing a little.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” gave me nightmares for several years: from 1951.

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I get so aggravated with ancient aliens. They undermine human achievement by claiming every major thing that happened in our history had to be because of aliens. Well where are these aliens now?

Yes I’ve heard governments deny that there are events happening, but still couldn’t they just say here we are, we are real? I mean if they’re advanced enough to come to Earth they’re already far more intelligent than we are surely they could over take anything if they wanted.

Don’t get me wrong I believe intelligent life is out there but I don’t think they’ve had much impact in our history…

but i liked fishburne porn …have u watched it ?