Mods, is it allowed to discuss Schopenhauer?

Just wondering because I had a topic closed down just for briefly discussing his work.

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The rules and guidelines can be found here

I’ve read it in the past and there is nothing against philosophy per se.

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If it veers into politics, religion, or the promotion of prejudice, it will be shut down.

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Then a mistake was made at the time. But never mind that.

Did you make this thread to ask a genuine question, or to not-so-subtly attack moderators for doing their jobs? Your threads have a history of devolving into politics, religion, personal attacks, and bullying. Try adjusting your approach if you would like your threads to be more successful. This includes treating people with respect.

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Bullying never, and as for personal attacks I believe in an eye for an eye. Good afternoon.

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I really like Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.


An eye for a eye makes the whole world go blind


Just because you FEEL attacked, doesn’t mean someone is actually attacking you.
Retaliation only escalates things.

This is very dangerous to say nowadays

That’s true, but feeling attacked is also quite normal among those who have actually been attacked.

Do you actually want to discuss your philosopher or make backhanded insults on mods? Because you need to pick one.

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This thread has gone to waste. I’ll return to Schopenhauer at some other time. Thanks.