MODs can you PM me with an explanation of why I've lost messaging privileges

Not complaining, just want to know the reason, thanks

@ZombieMombie @ninjastar any explanation would be welcome

Not sure, but perhaps your strange posts and erratic behaviour is bothering some people on this forum.

Hi @Gagis, good morning. You are very much delusional, I think. Because you messaging me such a inappropriate topics that are not understandable. Also some message are replied to me but addressed to other forums members.


How long do I have to wait for the privileges to be restored;?;

Hi, @Gagis. The rules still apply in PMs. When you message other users things that are against the rules, sometimes those posts will get flagged. We have temporarily taken away PMs for you, and we will return them once you have shown us you can respect the forum rules.

The rules and guidelines can be found here

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Some people can change colour, some be roughly the same their entire lives

So I have started doing what a university girlfriend (platonic) of mine has been doing for some time with her psychosis, confusing the identities of several people into one.

The message that got me banned was a result of confusing four Greek men I know, and believing that they were all a single person from Cuba, a Taino (indigenous) who could shapeshift and had vastly different experience from Greek people. This didn’t bother me, it is nice to meet people with vastly different experiences when everyone is civil, but it can cause problems, especially if love is not balanced. What particularly bothered me is that my university friend had been sleeping with one of the Greek men I had rolled into one before she became psychotic. I don’t blame the Greek man, I know he was trying to help her, but I did get angry when I confused all four Greek men because at that point I thought that the four’s single actions were one’s of imperialism, not solidarity.

In a world of shapeshifters and illusionists, telling who someone is can be difficult, if you are worried about their actions, even more so with reading text, and particularly if the identities of the text writers are being shuffled and disguised.

I actually thought my good friend @anon64158233 was one and the same as the four Greek men I had rolled into one as well,

Hence I wrote to him a message of forgiveness and a challenge of respect,

I realise now this came from delusions,

I hope that explains my actions,

Thank you.