Mods be on me like flies on siht

If i go on a rampage .

Why would you do that?

Do what ? 1515151515

Go on a rampage?

If you break rules then mods will be on you.

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one of the greatest memes I´ve seen in a while dude, it´s awesome!


Haha thanks, i was howling when i saw it the first time :sweat_smile:

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When I first got here it took awhile to not talk about Religion. I still like to mention it in a way that’s generic when I feel I can’t help it. I have been ambivalent about religion in my life, especially organized. I just don’t feel this world is enough some times. And I work the twelve steps of AA and NA. But I do find things worthwhile in this world. Intellectual activities. I had almost no intellect when I first got sick, there was no promise in me, now I have a good intellect. My definition of intellect is broad, just using the mind, but it can get advanced. My advice for someone who doesn’t know what to do is to buy a composition book to write and draw in. I am lucky I went through primary school and middle school. I learned even though I didn’t try often.

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I thought we were good?


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