Mistreated on the internet? Get used to it!

Mistreatment on the internet should never been taken seriously. I REPEAT. Just take it easy, it’s just the nature of the net. That said, don’t get a meltdown in a place, that holds in all kinds of people.

Yeah, you get a lot of that in other places, but I’m glad that this forum is different. The mods do a good job and being mistreated isn’t tolerated here. In the end the result is a safer and healthier space for the community.


Some youtube channels are just bloody hilarious for the trolling and bitchin!g in the comments sections.


So much hatred on the internet.

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I take it seriously, but one learns to strike back.

The truth be told I only hate myself when I’m online.

yea this forum is a really nice place. I enjoy being here too.


I like this forum, its been pretty good. On SM you get attacked for saying almost anything.

The best comments and trolling I ever saw were comments of dubstep youtube videos around 2010-2012, I can’t repeat them here but I’ll never forget them.

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