Mister spidey won

What a fn winner

Mothbodies lunch for weeks !!


A moth is an interesting thing. Beings of dark.

A butterfly is often considered more beautiful, a creature of light, fantasy of fields of butterflies and grasses. But I don’t find it so.

A moth can be beautiful, striking, and captivating.

The problem with moths is that they are like lost souls, alone in the darkness, frantically searching for the light. Sometimes they find it burning, and ignite themselves. Sometimes they find it artificial, and a mysterious invisible force keeps them from it. No matter how much they throw themself against it, they can never reach the light.

I should take my pills….



My sister picked moth as the theme animal for her publishing company.

Lime hawk?? Is that a moth???

I always liked moths but you made me appreciate them more

I left the light on outside last night. Maybe that’s why spidey is prospering a lot rn.


Lol, :joy:


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I saw a moth like this, for the first time, while at Juvenile Diabetes Camp (now called type 1 diabetes). I was 12 years old, at the time. This moth was on a tree, right outside my cabin, in the morning.

It was so gorgeous. This isn’t the exact moth I saw, but this picture looks like the one I saw.

And then I saw 2 more, in days following, while still in the mountains!

EDIT: it’s a really big moth, if you couldn’t tell.


Turns out lime hawk is a moth

I’m gonna become a lobbyist for a moth avatar they only have :butterfly:


Mr and Mrs spidey will have a big family.:grinning:

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Poor guy he’s rich but still can’t find a girlfriend

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Now he is so wealthy and can chip in with the rent.

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