Mine are nice problems to have!

I tend to work in such a way that I wear out the left elbow in shirts and the left knee in pants. There is some argument that schizophrenics in particular are prone to use one side of the body predominately. Apparently onesidedness is a marker of the kind of brain damage that is frequently part of schizophrenia.

Apparently, the way I handle a mop and a vacuum and such tends to twist my spine such that I end up with lower back pain. Therefore, for years I found relief getting major workups from chiropractors.

Now that I have brittle bones, doctors don’t want me manipulated like that any more; doctors do want we to work my body differently. That is. I’m still allowed to mop floors and vacuum rugs, but I have to learn to do it differently if I don’t want pain. I find the directive to use my body a whole new way when I’m 64 years old a rather dull errand. I would rather be told I had to run a marathon or do Army training, I think.

Anyway, my favorite two pair of pants, two medium colored khaki, button fly 501 Levis jeans are worn out at the left knee, and I was going to retire them and start using pairs of pants in my closet for which I have less affection, but which have more serviceable life left in them.

I didn’t want to spend the money on new pants.

Anyway, the girl friend took it upon herself to order for me replacement 501 levis; they just came in the mail. I’m having the dickens of a time whether to send these jeans back or not. She’ll pay for them, and she’s not asking for the money back, but I know she’s got major fears of financial insecurity herself.

One issue, of course, is that levis are using a different material these days, and I’m suspicious that I won’t like this stuff nearly as well as I used to like it.

Mine are nice problems to have!



I recall the ER docs making a comment about me favoring my left side when I was supposedly not awake-but I could hear them, when undergoing a MRI to see if I had brain damage.

I still prefer my old levi’s over the new ones made in bangledash, pakistan, maylasia or wherever because they are not the same quality material or stitching anymore. What can you do though? Nothing seems to be made very well anymore.


Interesting. I favor my left side too. I always figured it was because I’m right handed and right footed (when kicking things) so I compensate by using my left side more for everything else.

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