Midjourney AI

I’ve been arsing around with Midjourney. Here’s what I’ve produced so far:

Anyone else here experimenting with the new generative AIs for creating art?


Amazing results. Wait for the first gallery that does nothing but AI art. Mind you there’s still some amazing artists out there but you’ve got to wonder about it replacing human generated art with the early days being so interesting.

My initial impression is that the novelty wears off quickly. It’s like playing a game in God or Sandbox mode. You have unlimited weapons, can’t get killed, etc. The lack of challenge kills the interest. I enjoy a good photograph even more when I understand just how technically challenging it was to create the image and how skilled the photographer was. I won’t get that from AI art.

I’m sure some people will like it and that’s fine. I’m just worried about how many people it will put out of work. The product it produces is “good enough” at its price point. Said price point is cheaper than keeping people on staff.


I’m surprised by the quality of your little experiments. It’s not too bad considering and would pass for commercial art pieces. I get your apprehensions but boredom becomes a side line when people are making money out of it. I think that is the test of the whole process.

I suspect in most cases it will be people saving money with it.

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I must say, AI can create some pretty atmospheric artworks. (but I get what you’re saying about it becoming boring, like using cheats in a video game)

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