Microsoft may release two Xbox consoles next year


This is always a bad move, nobody will want the lower end ones and the higher end ones will sell out. This happened with PS3 and they ended up scrapping the lower end model after a few months and just selling the higher end ones.

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Well, Microsoft and Sony announced a partnership so we could be expecting a whole new console ?

@firemonkey are you a gamer?

I don’t have the necessary skills to be even a competent gamer. For example my hand-eye coordination is poor , and my reflexes well below average .

I post the occasional gaming article because I know there are several gamers on this forum .


Im getting the high end one. I prefer xbox, to playstation. I don’t know why, except maybe for Halo. I love Halo. Im not a good gamer, I play for the most time on easy difficulty

i want new nintendo 2020

You don’t need reflexes or hand-eye coordination at all. There are so many different kinds of games out there, you can definitely find some that you’ll have no problem with. Hell, even my kittens enjoy video games.


The only game I ever played much was -

I stopped playing about a decade ago when changes were made that I couldn’t cope with . Up until that point I’d been mediocre at it , but had quite enjoyed it .


Sounds like something late '90s Sega would do.

The less powerful console has no media drive and runs at a lower resolution.

@firemonkey you’re a programmer, no ?

All you need is logic and a little training per game and you’re good.

In the world where I’m a programmer Steven Seagal has won 5 Oscars for his superior acting ability !!


That made me snort!

No, you’re a programmer, I know it.

My dad is one too (kind of)

Sometimes he asks me to install Duke Nukem 3D or Heretic on his PC so he could play a little bit. He then deletes it 2 hours later cuz it interferes with his work lol.

I can just about use R to do autosomal calculations (dna and ethnicity) via nMonte using DIY calculators people have created. Even then I have to write down the instructions and constantly refer to them.

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Lol steven seagul haha

I can only play Spyro the Dragon and the Animal Crossings, lol. Only games I can play cause I suck! I had Parasite Eve on original Playstation but couldn’t beat Eve at the piano. I tried everyday for 6 months, this was 1997 8th grade. I went to Spyro and that’s the end, lol.

When PS5 has been out for 3-4 years we’ll get one cause it’ll supposed to be completely backwards compatible. So maybe find a Parasite Eve for kids to try. Last one I saw in Madison was 80 bucks used, and they only had 1 copy.

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Lol! You made a funny. But I still think Under Seige is his bestest movie. Sorry! That’s all he had going for him.

If that’s the one where terrorists hijack a ship,I’d agree with you

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Spyro was my favourite game on the PS1.

I grew up playing that. Such a classic.

I play it on an emulator on my phone sometimes.