MIA members

Anyone heard from @anon40540444 lately? He’s dropped off the grid. I’m worried about him.

hope he is doing well…!!!:om_symbol:

No, I have not heard from him in a while.
I too am worried about him - I don’t know if @mortimermouse has heard from him lately.
I really hope that everything is fine.

Yeah, I’ve been wondering where @anon40540444 is too. He hasn’t posted in over 3 months. I hope he’s OK.

@Username is also MIA for a while. Hope everything is okay.

Hopefully their absence is just due to a short attention span. I hope nothing is bad for them.

@onceapoet haven’t been in a while.

He didn’t answer calls or texts…I too am worried. We talked for an hour every week for two years.

Perhaps he has moved on in life to working again…perhaps something not so good.

We all have him in our thoughts. That much is good.


Really worried about @orange also… hope you’re fine orange!

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Anyone heard from @haete lately? Hoping he is doing okay.

Would like to know if anyone has heard from @Kittycat, old friend, her last post here she was concerned about cancer .

@anon68237654 @astefano @Apathy @mjgh06.
So far I can remember. There are more… I miss old members :crying_cat_face:

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