Metacognitive Beliefs, Cognitive Functioning, Psychiatric Symptoms and Empathy in People with Schizophrenia


I wasn’t aware deficits of empathy were such a well established feature of schizophrenia. In fact, I’m a little surprised.

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There is a healthy and unhealthy side of metacognition.

Healthy: You are aware of your own way of thinking, that means you can be objective and change unhealthy or problematic ways you understand yourself.

Unhealthy: You lack the fluidity of thoughts (flow of thoughts) you notice every thought you think and comment on it.

Unfortunately I am prone to the last one.

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I guess you are aware but…

There is a difference between technical empathy (you are aware how other feels and act) and emotional empathy (you feel for other people, but might lack the technical empathy)

Sociopaths often have great technical empathy, but lack of emotional empathy-.

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