Merry Christmas

I know it may be politically and otherwise incorrect to wish just ‘Merry Christmas’, but in the society where I am we have Christmas, and so I wish everybody very Merry Christmas. In Key West in 2000 the American underground people called this day as the birthday, the birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of the God, and they said Happy Birthday!


Merry Christmas to you too! However you want to say it is up to you, no one else.

Merty Christmas to you too. :slight_smile:

Here is an old Russian song, the birthday is just once a year, Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ!

Marry Christmas and I hope you have a lovely any other holiday you wish to celebrate during this time. :christmas_tree:

We got a lot of snow today …

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Marry christmas to you too.

merry christmas too all of you, and loads of strenght and good fortune.

Holidays are cool it makes us think of choices we normaly don’t feel or understand. And encourage us to do things we don’t normaly do! Hope u all the best in the coming year your great Dr Zen.

Merry Christmas to you and everyone on this site. Wishing everyone here a happy, peaceful New Years.