Merry Christmas Anna10!


This place can get a little gruff sometimes with all of the male testosterone. It’s nice to have so many lovely ladies around to sweeten up this site…and you’re one of them!!

I hope you and your Mom have a great Christmas!!


Patrick :slight_smile:


oh thank you Patrick, you too dear :smile:i am wakening up right now and I am all in the negatives symptoms of the schizo, I am not functional in the morning and nobody will want me like this… I hope it will change. where are you from otherwise? me,i am from east Europe. take care
p.s. I saw the pawn sacrifice the movie, its good. but bobby fischer was also mentally ill,yes :(…

I live in Canada’s capital city…Ottawa…

I’ll definitely check out that Fischer movie when I have some down time. Thanks for telling me about it! :slight_smile: