Mental hospitals and patient treatment in the post Soviet states

I am interested how the mental hospitals and mental patient treatment is arranged in the post Soviet states. I know that some states have currently financial/economic crisis such as Ukraine and I suspect that there are not enough resources for the treatment of mental patients properly. I have read somewhere that even mothers of newly born children must pay some extra to doctors who helped them to deliver new babies to this world. Please, feel free to contribute your observations.

whoops sorry misunderstood the topic

I think that your writing was ok, gave some insight how it was during the Soviet Union. My sister studied in the Soviet Union and I had some personal experiences also there. I studied some Russian in Leningrad in 1989, half a year before I went to the USA. I remember those vitamin C pills I purchased at some pharmacies in Leningrad. I studied Russian and trade with the Eastern bloc during my university studies in the 1980s. And then it all changed.


Under the Soviet Union they often used the mental health system to control dissidents. I guess that would be better than being sent to Siberia, but forcing a healthy person to take ap’s isn’t good.

Long time ago in 1990 I had a dream of travelling by a train from Helsinki to Vladivostok, through the Soviet Union, but then I got my master’s thesis place in the USA and this dream never became the reality. I talked about this with one professor in behavioral science. Maybe I never achieve this dream. How would have the world changed then?