Men's health club

Hello stud, welcome to the coolest part of this forum. Every one is welcomed, especially if you’re proud to be who you.
You’re strong and powerful.
This is a place to discuss health issues men face around the world everyday. We struggle so much but it seems that nobody notice. we need to fight the stereotype that we don’t need help. Women are also welcomed…

@everybody, tag others here to know they’re welcomed.

I found this article, check it out


Definitely a silent crises. There’s a strong double standard in our society

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I need to get circumcized. I’ve got mild phimosis from masturbating too brutally in the past :rofl:

The foreskin is lesioned…


A mens health group ey ?

Sounds legit !!!

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I need to hire a translator :smile:

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This thread is a great idea! We need both types of health topics so we can always have a place to get educated. id like to invite guys to the Vagina Chronicles of you ever have questions about women’s bodies!

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I need to have a vasectomy, but Medicare won’t cover it and it costs $1,200. Still cheaper than having a kid I guess.

Why wasn’t I tagged!?

Or me? 1555555555555

I’m sorry guys I forgot about you and many more.
Everybody is welcomed. I tagged people of the top of my head @SammyP @Wave

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Cute! :cut_of_meat:

You think caucasion white males who live in poverty are the group everybody hates in the US?

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