Memories create 'fingerprints' that reveal how the brain is organized

The findings could lead to new ways to diagnose and study disorders associated with irregular memory deficits, including dementia, schizophrenia, and depression, and perhaps even personalize treatments and predict which therapies will be more effective.


Interesting research.

“The scenarios were broad enough so that each participant would reimagine them differently. For example, when researchers asked volunteers to vividly remember and describe an occasion involving dancing, one person might recall watching their daughter participating in a dance recital, while another may imaging themselves dancing at a Bar Mitzvah.”

What I would have preferred is participants trying to describe and reimagine the same scenarios (an activity that all participants would be submitted to the same way, for example) rather than asking them to recall something broader as they’ve done. So it seems to me that we would have more precise information on how the brain interpret a given scenario, by comparing more similar information.

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try this memory from UK 1880

nice did you find the dark beer good too…wonder what kind of finger print is in your brain it left.

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