Melatonin .Expensive for me

My Psychiatrist prescribed it for me but it is way to expensive.
It cost $35 for one box.

I am thinking about just quitting it and continuing with Latuda only.

What do you think about this?

Does it truly do a lot?
Will I notice if i just stop taking it?


If u r not sleeping well U can go for zolpidem…!!!

I think Swanson has it for $3-6 dollars a bottle depending on dose. Walmart sells it also.

Do you live in the USA or another country?
I know that Melatonin is a prescription-only medication in most countries.
In the USA you can buy it like a supplement and usually it’s very low priced.

I only take Melatonin if I really can’t sleep. It works well. I only take 300mcg (Micrograms). That’s less than 1mg.
It gives me vivid dreams, but no other major side effects.

Less is more with Melatonin. I’ve seen dosages that were very high, like 5mg or 10mg. That is way too big of a dose.
There was a study done that 300mcg is the dose that works the best without any side effects.

Thank you for your replies. :slight_smile:

I may stop taking it daily.
It is prescription and $35 which is really expensive for me.

I actually have immovane/zoplicone for is i cant sleep but i do not usually need it cause ive been sleeping well with out it but its lovely to have just in case.

I live in Australia

Melatonin is almost 70€ here. Expensive as hell. But luckily we have an insurance for all people in Sweden, you just pay 300€/year for your medicine.

My most expensive medicine is Orencia. It is 1000€/shot. I have one shot a week! I would not be able to use them without the public insurance.

I was born in Sweden. and raised there.
They say i was born there anyway but i know i lived there back and forth.

I moved to Oz about 8 years ago but was raised here also. Back n forth and german was my first language but i forget it unfortunately cant speak it in person any more.

Men Svenska kan jag ännu.

Jag handlade svenskt godis och lusse katter pà Ikea nyligen.
De har lusse katter juletid i frysdisken.
Jag handlade ocksà Advent ljus stake.

God Jul !

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You can buy melatonin on eBay it is sold from companies in the US and they post it to your country, it is not expensive.
Also you can buy benadryl (diphenhydramine) which can also help you sleep

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Merry christmas to you too. :slight_smile: