Meeting new people while riding my bike

On Sundays I visit my father at the elderly care facility. I ride my bicycle there and I often stop to discuss with some unknown people as I did in this morning. I met two men in their 70s and we had good conversations. I do not know who they are, but it was nice to chat with them about the town, the world and the life in general. Reminds me of my Miami times, when I talked with all kinds of people without really knowing who they were. This modern technology enables immidiate communications aroud the world.

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I wish I can do this,but I had trouble even talking with people in the same group not to say complete strangers

I have some friends in the town and I meet them often when I ride my bike, but I do not know their real names and I use just their first name, if I know the name. Now the spring and the summer is coming and more people are walking and riding their bikes. Sometimes people say hello to me, although I do not recall ever meeting them. I say hello back to them. Today, I met one religious man who talked how tattoos are against the teachings of the Bible and how he had ridden long distances on his bicycle in Finland.

Bike rides are great for getting fresh air and meeting people.
Nothing better to get a fresh perspective.

Iā€™m with Mobc. I envy you your social ability.

I do not have many real friends and I typically make just one telephone call a day, to my mother, but I have decided that I have conversations with people when I have an opportunity. It does not really matter who these people are or what they have done. So my life is quite lonely to some extent, but then I try to be social when I ride my bike. I have decided not to drive an auto any longer and because my town is a little one, I can take care of my matters by riding my bike.