Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for mushroom mapo tofu

Oooh that looks good! I wish I was a better cook. Or had the energy to even try.

I’m a useless cook . Really need things as simple as possible(culinary idiot level) to buy ,prepare and cook. Recipes are posted because I know a lot of you will be better cooks than me.

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Oh yum! Looks great

I used to love to teach people how to cook. I don’t think that would work on here.

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My big problem is executive functioning ie organising and planning . I struggle to get my head around menu planning and buying the necessary ingredients. Then there is the peeling and chopping( a dyspraxic’s nightmare) and coping with instructions and timings.

Lack of confidence is a big factor too. I get really anxious at the thought of cooking from scratch and retreat into my safety zone of ready meals or something +microwave pasta and sauce/rice with the occasional bit of frozen veg thrown in.

Well I’m not a vegan but I like your ingredients, I would definitely try it

One thing that really helps is buying precut veggies. Almost everything is available that way. Meats too. Saves time and stress.

I write out my menu for the week and for each meal write out every ingredient I need. Once you get used to it it goes faster but I still take half hour. I think it fills my OCD tendencies.

And there is nothing wrong with buying premade meals!

I sometimes buy meals from

You pay extra than the cheap supermarket ready meals , but they have a portion of veg that those cheap ready meals don’t have.

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