Meds for thirty years

Meds have never been a big issue for me. The first time I was on them steadily was in a long hospital stay.They said take them.So I took them. It never dawned on me to refuse.They didn’t seem to help for 8 months, my entire stay. But looking back, I see that while they didn’t help me get better in the hospital they stopped me from getting worse. When I got out,my parents arranged for me to live in a HIGH-class group home. The fancier name was a Residential,Treatment Home. My rent was my entire SSI check which at that time was about $450.00 a month. I was the very last person they allowed in who paid with SSI. The other six residents ( or at least their parents) were paying $2000.00 a month ! Their parents were all doctors and lawyers. It had a counselor on duty 24-7 and was very structured. It was in a VERY affluent neighborhood.Huge houses perfectly landscaped yards. I don’t know how much our neighbors knew, some of the other clients were friendly with the neighbors and talked to them. I was pretty much a loner there. But it was highly structured.Two weekly group meetings. Everybody had chores to do. We all ate dinner together and shopped at the same time every week. It wasn’t just for schizophrenics.We had people who’s main problem was depression.We had young girls with Bulimia and anorexia, a few schizophrenics a bi-polar person. I stayed there a year taking medication and made some vast progress in my recovery. After 8 months out of the hospital there I got a job that I kept for 4 years until I lost it because of my crack addiction.But during that stay was the only time I tried going of meds.I tried twice and both times came a hairs breath from relapsing. I never told the staff that I went off my meds and they never found out. Take my meds religiously since.

Last I heard it was raised to $3000 a month That was more than ten years ago.I don’t know if it’s still in existence.

Yes, when I was first asked to take meds, I just took them and didn’t think much about them. Later, through talking to a lot of people and after a lot of personal experience, I think meds are vital for my wellbeing.


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Stupid me, I fought my meds. I didn’t like them and for a while I was convinced that alcohol was for the voices, pot was for the panic and XTC was for negative symptoms. I figured I had it. I didn’t need other’s meds. I wasted so much time and opportunity and money doing dumb stuff like this.
It took a long time for me to find a good med combo because I was always going through detox and rehab as well.