Medicin reminder

Feels like I need more reminders somehow.


i use an alarm on my phone

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I get med reminder calls in the evening now since I was run into the psych ward three times in the last year in yet another failed attempt to have me committed to the state. They used to ask me to take it while I was on the phone until I explained that this was a little intrusive.

Am I taking my meds? Sure, as long as they don’t endanger my health. I explain to this guy that I have type 2 diabetes on both sides of my family when he prescribes something that causes me to double my pants size in two months. As for diabetes? He says, we can deal with that when it comes. Dipsh*t. If I wasn’t traumatized by someone in his proffesion I might be able to speak my mind to him, and of course you can’t say that, their bad apples get a free pass.

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This app has a reminder. It makes sounds three times.

Maybe that’s what I need. Someone to remind me.

The thing is, the more I miss the messier I get and will most likely not take more meds.