Me and my parents have very different values


I’m not sure if I’m naturally rebellious or my disposition is rebellious In nature. But being much different from my parents has made me feel rebellious. And society too. And being mentally Ill


Do you like who you are?
Do you lie who your parents are?
Do you like society?


Yes /sometimes


What are your values by the way? They say we have mainly two types os values:

  • Low consciousness values (sex, money, selfishness, etc);
  • High consciousness values (family, helping the world, selfless deeds, etc).


You just reminded me of my high school psychology course.



Lol, I love Maslow’s hierarchy too. I learned it in high school.


Yeah, it changes over the course of the lifespan for many folks, energy levels, living situation, how well uou’re established, cultural factors, etc. All that stuff will change in yourself (and your peers) as you get older.

Ppl start getting married, having DEPENDENTS (of all things)! Responsibilities, long term, rising to the occasion means something different.

Settling down. Their bodies change, their minds change, their long term goals change, they have seen more things in life, they feel less invincible over time…it’s all been done before…issues come into focus…people need a sense of belonging (where do I come from, who am I? was my life well lived? Am I satisfied with what I’ve become?). All different kinds of factors and things. Family takes on a new structure and meaning.

And you play the game and put your hands in your pockets and fill out the paperwork and stand up straight and keep showing up, and that’s the best you’ve got sometimes, even if rogaine dude shouts at you or you get cut off on the freeway, or whatever other stress arises, you keep playing nice, you keep playing for keeps, you keep smiling, showing up, you stay out of prison, and you’ll make it with a bit of luck as better ppl have tried and failed.

James Dean stuff…ideas in western society…pervasive and common phenomena…each generation finds different iterations and does the thing differently…young poor men with no opportunity to climb socially = gang violence. You’ve got young able bodies. You’ve got footsoldiers and things. You’ve got got expendable pawns. Everyone is seeking fulfillment and fun and adventure, when society is corrupt and unfair and fails to take you into account you take matters into your own hands to advance your life.

It goes back much further than James Dean. It’s a universal human thing. You need work and structure, whatever it takes to survive.

I had a dream about going to japan last night. It was alright.


It’s interesting to me that you said rebellious and not just different.


I think totally different from my parents and no way I can change the way they think. But we still have some similarities. Family value is one of them. I like watching action and adventure movies with my father as well. I talk a lot about charity and being kind with my mom. Maybe we have to focus on what’s common and find friends with similar values.


@DelusionalSoldier. Finding common ground will definitely help. Being different is not being rebellious. It’s just different. Just try to find things you do share in common and focus on those things.


I was a rebellious teenager. As I got older things change. These days I’d rather love than fight so I guess values can change over time and with experience!


I can relate with this. Because my parents are differently politically , value money way differently than me, but then we have a lot of things similar. I think I am rebellious Me and my parents get along but I think we’re a lot different but a lot similar to each other too. Idk I made this thread very early.


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