Maybe my paranoia really needs a lot of time on meds to be relieved?

Ok, I still sometimes take klonopin which relieves me more than anything else. But yesterday I was really close to something normal for a half day and I just want to believe that its not just the klonopin… Its been 1 year and 2 months on Zyprexa and Depakote… Till now, the paranoia was hellish. Its not nice, I feel my brain in my head because of it, something in my head…
Maybe its a good sign that I felt a bit more normal yesterday? Cause I was on klonopin too in the beginning of my Zyprexa but its been just today that I felt a bit relieved for a moment…
do you find strange that my Zyprexa takes years to help me? I am also very depressive in my sz so when it lifts I feel less paranoid too I guess.
lots of hugs to all, take care of you people!


sup Anna … what are u doing ryte now… lots of love from nepal… take care…~~~~

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I feel for you, @Anna1. I suffered from paranoia for many years before I got relief. It took getting older, (over 55), and three AP’s to conquer my paranoia. Today, I am fully recovered, on medications.