Married woman


I think this is a really bad idea, getting involved with a married woman. I think it is wrong, and I think you know it’s wrong as well. If you thought it was okay, you wouldn’t have come here to all but confess; you would’ve talked about joy, not guilt. I don’t think you’re a bad person. Chasing intimacy is natural, and getting it, no matter who from, feels good. All that said, we are rooting for you. You deserve only the best. Good luck!


Wont affect my mental health - i honestly know what im doing



Thanks for the concern. But i honestly believe the husband doesnt give a toss - he was in the pub earlier today - and was carrying on like nothing is happening. I actually spoke to him and lied thru my teeth saying i never saw her. I honestly think there marriage is over.

They air there rows in public and on facebook - so i know if he had a inkling i was bonking his wife he would be banging on my door - but i honestly think he doesnt care. I think hes just given up.


It sounds like you’re realistic about the situation, and you know she’ll cheat again. You’re a grown man so no one has the right to tell you what to do whether we agree with it or not. Just take care of yourself in the meantime.


Yes @Pianogal i am realistic. No doubt she will get bored with me and move on - im certainly not assuming its gonna be a long term thing.

Frankly - im just enjoying the affection and attention while it lasts. Sweet as kind as she is - she certainly doesnt compare to my ex-wife. We both adults at the end of the day “having a dabble”


I would say I’d never sleep with sleep with a married woman, or a woman in a relationship, but it’s been ten years since I have had sex or any kind of intimacy at all so I probably would if I was in the same position as you. I’m very lonely as well.


@rogerrob I had sex with a woman in my twenties that was married…and I was friends with her husband and he tried to get us in a dual couple sex party once and it didn’t work out but I later hooked up with his wife a couple times…now that I’m older I feel bad about it…but it didn’t hurt their marriage…he knew what we were doing. I just don’t feel comfortable that I commited adultery. I doubt you will have to worry about regret…I’m just saying how it made me feel. I’m totally cool with you sleeping with a needy woman.


I wonder where are all the horny married women?

They should come to me, I can take care of them… Hours and hours, for real. I have DE


Apparently I need to speficy it’s a joke… Ppl are thinking they’re the ■■■■


Shes left now anyway - and ive told her to bugger off and make it up with her husband - in reality thats where she belongs. Was fun tho - while it lasted.


Good for you!!!


I always say I’m not messing with a married man or a man who has a gf.

I never cheated on anyone either except when I was married to my ex. I used to daydream about being with other men but I never physically cheated on him. My husband was just so immature that I was miserable with him.

He acted like a little boy and has no ambition. He’s so intelligent but he refused to go to college to better himself.


Yeah in all truthfullness i wouldnt have done it if i wasnt drunk and feeling lonely at the time. I think we were using each other. But she was here for a few days - and to be honest i was starting to get irritated. Yeah sure - it was bloody good fun while it lasted, but in the bigger picture of things im happier doing things on my own in my flat. Honestly dont think i could have carried on with the deception anyway.


I don’t see how people can cheat. If you work and have kids where do you find the time or have the energy. I was too tired to cheat plus I didn’t believe in it.

I think my ex husband cheated on me though. I found out that he was paying someone else’s phone bill.


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