Mania or sz and anger issues?

I had serious anger issues until I went on 6mg Risperdal. Whats the cause of this anger? Mania? Sz? Brain damage?

Risperdal was cause of my anger issues, I was annoyed at everything. Now on haldol and feel much more calm

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I had anger issues on Latuda, Abilify and off meds.

I am soon going to be on Clozapine, hopefully no anger issues on it.

I think anger and rage are part of SZ/SZA. I was a raging crazy b*tch before meds. I had a reputation for it. I almost got arrested for it. APs calmed my mind down.

I’m agitated and irritable right now, but I know that’s part of my depression.

I mostly only get ragey when I drive. Cause I have a fast car, and no one else moves the way they should.


I know how it is for you, @Pandy . I thought everybody drove way too slow. Needless to say, I no longer drive.

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