Managing Sz As Opposed to a Cure

Because I believe schizophrenia is part genetic and part environment, I think a cure for this affliction is far-fetched.

You can’t ‘undo’ someone’s upbringing…it’s hard-wired into the brain. However, with proper medication there can be success in at least managing our mental disorder.



I think you’re on the right track

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I think u right aswell !!!

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I think a cure is possible. This schizophrenia is intolerable.

I think the disorder is 100% what you are born with. The upbringing determines what the voices say.

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I still think it’s that fluid mix of genes and environment. I mean, why was I diagnosed schizophrenic at the age of 39?

If I was born with this disorder, then why did it only come to the forefront approaching middle age?



Or perhaps, approaching middle age and never having lived up to my potential, my mind created a false world where I became a successful spectacle…someone worthy of note. A mask to shield my ego from the truth?

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I manage my sz. I’m not cured, but with meds, therapy, and good supports, I can live the life I want to. I’m happy, and that’s more than I could say about my life before getting ill.


Schizophrenia is caused by either environmental or genetic factors, or both. All we can really do is manage it. I got mine at age 15, I’m 16 now, and I can say just being at the very beginning of my hopefully long journey is that with a strong support system, medications, and therapy we can live a decent life.


besides it’s a big racket, all about money and big pharma

this is why other diseases haven’t been cured

In my own case, I was always raised to believe that I was somehow better, smarter/ more creative than others.

I tried to win a Radio Contest when my twin daughters were born. The prize was $50,000. I felt i needed to win that to provide for my new family. When I lost, it crushed me and I went crazy and ended up in the Hospital. This was my first psychosis.

As my life unfolded, and the expectations put upon me never panned out, perhaps I created a make-believe world where I became the center of attention that I was supposedly destined to be.

But these days I’m quite content being a nobody…with my little job and family and privacy. I realize all of that pie-in-the-sky delusional stuff was just that…the nutty side of my brain taking over.

The determination on how to split resources and time is usually guided by economics. That’s not a bad thing

My whole adult life I’ve been fund raising for a cure for CF

for the Great Strides walk

I asked everybody everywhere, in person and on the phone
for a donation

then I got so discouraged and bitter, I stopped doing it

The genetic load for severe mental illness for me is low.

Paternal- Grandfather and great uncle had depression.

Maternal- Some distant ancestors had signs that might have indicated the presence of a severe mental illness.

Father : No signs of mental illness
Mother: Alcoholic/problem drinker
Sister : Depressive episode
Brother: HIV related psychosis

Cure will happen, but probably not in our lifetimes. My doctor said genetic engineering by inserting a virus would cure it but we don’t have the technology. It’s literally star trek technology. It’s just a theory.

But then there’s this.

Wow what an interesting read !!

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