Man eats $120,000 banana


The art community is just messing with us at this point. I’m 100% convinced.


Yeah, it’s just absurd what they do, say, and spend.

I’ve seen the San Francisco art culture, and New York art culture. It’s elitist, it’s shallow, it pretends to be deep but is half the time just trolling. Those kinds of cultures are toxic IMO


its pretty funny, a bit likes the banksy thing that was shredded, i think its funny,

do you think his poop will be worth that much now? maybe they could make some art from that :rofl:


haha. Classic. I find this funny and you could argue that the act of eating it was art in itself. Funny stuff.

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I would have expected to get arrested for that.

Well the banana represents homosexuality and the duct tape symbolizes the continuing repression of the LGBTQ community. And the wall is just a wall. The man who ate the banana illustrates the need to open our souls to the multitude of varying world viewpoints.


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I once ate a grape worth $54,000. It’s a long story that I won’t get into here except to say the political landscape of Spain will never be the same.


Hello @eighteyedspy23. You’re back!!! I think you’ve been back a few days or maybe even a week. How are you?

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Hey @77nick77! Glad to see your posts on the forum again!
Doing well, the voices have been pretty quiet for a few days now.
Think I might try to check out the forum more often, it seems to help with my symptoms and a good way to fight my insomnia.

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