Man am so ☹️


I ruined my beef stew by adding far too much pepper. Tastes horrible :nauseated_face:


Don’t feel bad. I tried to make a pancake 2 times in a row and I burnt it both times… Even if you added too much pepper, I’m willing to bet that it’s miles better than what I could do!


Just had to bin it. Was horrible


Sorry to hear… At least you now have an excuse to eat out.


Man I know the feeling. Too much pepper is not good


Was disgusting. Feel sick now!


Man I’m sorry at least u know for next time


That sucks! Is there something else you can make? Or can you afford to eat out/order in?


Too much black pepper?


Yeah too much black pepper. Completely ruined it. I think I will just have a bowl of porridge later. Can only face plain food right now


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