Making chicken parm tonight

My dad is going to the grocery store. He cooks a lot. Mostly sandwich stuff and canned soup. But tonight im craving a real dinner so i told him to get chicken breasts. Im going to make chicken parm. I cooked for 6 years of my pre schizophrenia life and am a rather good cook. I really like to cook. Although now with anxiety and schizophrenia i get really nervous about people liking it. Sometimes to the point i get paranoid. Im gonna dip the chicken in flour, then eggs, then bread crumbs and bake it. Then im gonna put sauce and cheese on top. Then im gonna cook pasta. It should be yummy.


Sounds good Pastey!

I’ve got a chicken parm in my freezer I have to take it out one day I’ve been lazy about cooking I also have other meat and it’s going to be summer so will be a good to to start cooking

Summer? You must be on the opposite side of the world. Its going towards winter here.

Yeah I’m Down in oz

Cooking is very therapeutic. Sounds yum :yum:

Oz? Australia? 1515151515

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Yes correct 15 characters

The land of oz. Cool. Never knew it was called that. So many people from all over the world on this forum!

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I love chicken parm. Send some my way!

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Fedex overnight! You got it!

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