Making a crocheted hooded scarf

I’m making a crocheted hooded scarf for a friend of mine, she don’t know I’m doing this for her, she’s a girl in my group therapy, she’s so sweet and needs so much help and I’m always willing to lend a helping hand to her, she always asks if she can take me home with her to help her out and sometimes I wish I could since I know she needs so much help, she’s a much older lady but I’m very happy to call her a close friend… PS I’m almost done with this scarf I’m working on the hood and that’s getting close to done, I’m so excited! I’m aiming to have this done by next time I see her on Tuesday


That’s very kind of you @Twialine. I’m sure your friend will be pleasantly surprised!


@Moonbeam I try to be kind and even more so to her she’s very sweet


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