Make it illegal to discriminate

I’m talking about any sort of discrimination, it is totally unacceptable to discriminate against people, maybe if there was a fine for that then it might be better ‘a bit like a swear jar’ but basically we should all be non-judgemental, non discriminatory and treat people with the respect that they deserve, these are very basic human rights which i have seen being breached on numerous occasions.

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Are you talking about in general or on this site?


I’m asking because I’ve seen you make some very sexist and discriminating comments about women on this site.

The change starts with you.

i am not perfect but its not my fault if someone (or more) takes what i say the wrong way, you all need to start looking at yourselves as well

You’ve been suspended multiple times for these kinds of posts,

So it wasn’t just one person ( or even a few ) “taking it the wrong way”.

What you’ve said is offensive and shows that you think less of women.

That’s discriminatory.

I’m tired of you always falling back on “no one’s perfect” as a defense for your actions.

Take some responsibility.

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Anti-discrimination is a form of discrimination itself. You’re discriminating against the people who discriminate.

Keep that up and you’re getting into newspeak-territory, where even the language itself is being modified, to get rid of anything that might remotely sound negative.

Double-plus ungood!


wow, thats deeper than i ever thought, i am a bit confused now :crazy_face::upside_down_face:










This is funny af

Its only funny in a sad, kind of ironic way.

Mr Happy has a long history of discrimination and the fact that he would make this thread is ridiculous.

How can you end discrimination if you cant even admit your own bias? What you said wasnt taken the wrong way, because there was only one way to take it. Have some accountability and own it instead of blaming other people for what you said.

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Also, I dont think you’re a bad guy, I think you’ve just said some regrettable stuff, but havent we all? I know I’ve said some discriminatory things in my past, but I recognize that and I try to do better.

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Anyway, if a antidiscrimination, non judgemental fine was ever imposed I would be the first to pay as long as it was proven in a court of law, we should all be presumed innocent before sentencing, the fine should be maybe £100 or community service :slightly_smiling_face:

You are completely deluded, brain damaged and removed from reality if you think the world should be like that, wow.

Why? What’s wrong with that?

People should be held accountable for what they say, the tongue is mightier than the sword they say