Mail has been cancelled today due to weather


My mom had to deliver mail in -35F weather back when she was a mail carrier.


My volunteer meeting was canceled.


I thought this one I brought into the house would make it but I don’t think she will. She’s very weak. If she makes it another hour it’ll be a miracle. She can’t even squeal she’s so weak.


That’s awful @Loke. I’m so sorry! Poor babies and poor momma!


Yes, my mom told me that they are rounding up the homeless people and putting them in shelters and in schools, thank God.


School is closed here. People can get frostbite within minutes on exposed skin. Going nowhere tonight but garbage has to be put out tonight for tomorrow morning.


The 5 piglets were born yesterday in 19 F degrees weather. We did our best to make their shelter warm. 4 are now dead. The live one got hypothermia. I have her under my shirt to keep her warm. If she makes it imma name her Miracle.


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