Made $100 bucks on sports cards

Lol it’s so early it could still change and they could become worthless

But my luis Gil card which I bought for $20 is already worth about $40 because he’s been so good

And my Zach Wilson card has probably increased a lot in value from $110 to $200 because he’s tearing up the preseason so far!!! There were only 20 of these made and both are autographed


Very cool. It was never a big thing over here but I remember my little brothers collecting some rugby league cards for a while. Our population is so much smaller than yours over there so we often don’t have that big market. It’s not a bad investment if you double your money so your doing way better than that!


I use to have this holographic original Charizard pokemon card that was worth alot of money but I lost my pokemon card book with all the cards in it :unamused:

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