Love to All

Hi Forum Fam!
Not sure how to say hello again and apologize, but here’s a go at it! I was deeply supported by you all for quite a bit of time and that ended pretty quickly nearly two years ago.
I want to thank you for your impactful friendship and far-reaching help through that season! It was rough. And it got worse. The Lord brought me through it, very thankfully, starting with the immediate and in-moment help from @ninjastar and medical professionals and lasting support from my Church family and friends.
I apologize for not connecting before this time! I’ve been in a good place for over a year and a half and have checked on you all a decent amount. :slight_smile: I’ve hesitated to post because of my inconsistency. But, I’ve learned inconsistency is going to be the name of the game and I now respond much better to it.
Love you all. Deeply. Care about you. Deeply. And have missed you. Ooooh, how I’ve missed you! Eager to reconnect. I know it will take time to build that trust again, but I would super appreciate the opportunity! Thank you ~


Hey, welcome back! I, too, am inconsistent.

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Welcome back @LouiseG ! I remember you. I’m glad you’re feeling better now.

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Hi @LouiseG
Welcome Back!

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Welcome back! I am going to tag @ZmaGal @Shmookitty and @JustTrish because I know they have asked about you.

Welcome back Louise. :slight_smile:

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Thank you sooo very much! I look forward in coming days to hearing how you all are doing! And to meet new folks and offer the same support I’ve received ~


I’m so glad you’re well!!! I’ve wondered how you are. I’m really glad you found support when you needed it. That’s so important. Glad to see you here!


Hi sweetie welcome back

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Many, Many Thanks! Eager to talk to you both! Much Love!

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